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Julie graduated from Creighton University with a major in dance and Theology and taught for several years at an inner-city school in Milwaukee. With a desire to expand her knowledge of the arts and spirituality, she attended St. John’s University in Collegeville and completed a Masters in Theology and Liturgical Studies. Over the years, her quest to merge diverse religious beliefs and practices through the commonalities of love and peaceful living, led her to travel, live, and study with shaman practitioners, herbal healers, Native American medicine women, Buddhist priests and other earth-based spiritual teachers. Through these experiences and experiences with global metaphysical teachings, she learned to honor the eternal source of love in all people.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Segment Ten: Reunion of Yin and Yang

She removed her heavy rubber boots, then crossed the room in stocking feet to the love seat positioned before a simple gray stone fireplace. As she sat adjacent him, a log snapped and released a brilliant blue spark.

She turned to study him and sucked in a breath. “You need to understand that your contract doesn’t contain my real name.”

“I know.”

The gentle timbre of his voice quelled her shock. She gulped back the constriction in her throat. “Are you also a psychic?”

“In a way.”

Katherine held her back rigid, her muscles contracting like a corset squeezing any remaining oxygen from her lungs. She took in his composure. Solid, confident. Gray Stone had positioned himself in the opposite corner of the loveseat, an arm draped along the gentle curving back, the other resting on the padded armrest. Her curiosity battled fear. How good was he? She had to know.

“Say it.”


“My real name.”


The air in the room swirled about her face, fanning her skin. Intense heat raced into her extremities. A magnetic current drew her toward him. The satin fabric on the couch aided her approach. He didn’t break eye contact with her but neither did he move a muscle.

From her peripheral vision she caught the flare of the flames. Blue streaks infused the bright orange, then seemed to thread outward reaching toward her like long probing fingers. She blinked to clear the illusion.

She stopped inches from his face. Nostrils flaring, he took a breath and held his confident position. Was he afraid of her? Had she turned the tables?

“Say it again.”

“Celestine,” he whispered.

Her heart swelled. Time collided-past, present, future.

“It is you!” the breathy whisper escaped her parted lips.

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