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Julie graduated from Creighton University with a major in dance and Theology and taught for several years at an inner-city school in Milwaukee. With a desire to expand her knowledge of the arts and spirituality, she attended St. John’s University in Collegeville and completed a Masters in Theology and Liturgical Studies. Over the years, her quest to merge diverse religious beliefs and practices through the commonalities of love and peaceful living, led her to travel, live, and study with shaman practitioners, herbal healers, Native American medicine women, Buddhist priests and other earth-based spiritual teachers. Through these experiences and experiences with global metaphysical teachings, she learned to honor the eternal source of love in all people.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Segment Nine: Reunion of Yin and Yang

Katherine’s ears hummed. A vitality she’d never known existed coursed through her blood. Whatever had happened here in the last hour had taken her away from the brainless desperation she’d felt for the past year. Wasn’t this what she’d hoped to find when she’d answered the ad? A distraction from her internal absurdities? She shifted her focus to the room and the window displaying a darkened street beyond.

So what if he could create the illusion of darkness? Magic always had a simple explanation. The rain that continued to pound the roof and spatter the windows provided adequate comfort and grounding in reality. She drew satisfaction that his magical abilities didn’t include changing the weather.

One thing that hadn’t been stripped from her identity was her curiosity. From what she’d witnessed thus far, Mr. Stone had a phenomenal gift for magic to rival any Los Vegas act. Maybe he would reveal his proprietary secrets. Maybe his secrets would afford her the luxury to leave her turbulent, mind-numbing past behind once and for all. Illusion after all was the life she lived as well. Lord knew her brain needed something other than watching fishing boats come and go each day and as for the practical matter of money...the meager funds left in her possession weren’t going to support her much longer. To run away or stay? Was fear to be her constant companion? Her pressing question in the moment was either control it or be controlled.

She tapped her index finger against her lips. Besides his invigorating mental repartee, the idea of becoming an intimate partner with him lured her internal ache to feel whole. The town was small. So far nobody else had shown the least interest in getting to know her. One thing for sure, it wasn’t like she needed to move at lightening speed to get to know him. She’d probably be staying for eternity.

Mr. Stone coughed, then smiled. She’d been staring in silence at some fixed point on the wall. A stance familiar to her after months of standing at her window watching the horizon change from day to night. His brown-eyed gaze warmed her skin like the heat from the sun.

In that moment, he seemed to swallow her. The faint twinkle in his irises, dispelled the passion of his intent and brought her a soothing balm. Even before her identity change, no man had looked upon her with such desire. Who was she to turn down an opportunity to change her misfortune? Perhaps this man was, at the very least, worthy of a conversation.

The problem was her background. If he could see into her with such intensity, he’d know where she veered from absolute truth into fabrication. But then, he held his own magical secrets to be used as collateral in the partnership. He trusted her, though lord knew why. Could she trust him enough to reveal her past? Enough to perhaps kiss him, enough to be...a lover?

Only one way to find out.

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